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Rapid Software Testing-03

Rapid Software Testing

A hands on class to a complete testing methodology designed for a world of barely sufficient resources, information, and time. This March with Michael Bolton.

Test Automation and Continous Integration at Scale

This workshop will explore building automated testing frameworks and writing tests for systems at scale, as well as the continuous testing of software systems.

Collaborative Exploratory and Unit Testing

How to harness the insights of bug discovery to protect your code. With Maaret and Llewelyn.

Performance Testing 101

Performance Testing 101 will show you how to use free and open source tools to kick-start your performance testing efforts. Learn online on The Dojo.

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Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today

At The Ministry of Testing we are co-creating the most comprehensive learning hub for software testers. Every week we are adding new resources to The Dojo. Come check it out!