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New Testing Micro-Services Masterclass! Podcasts! 99 Second Talks! Oh my.

We’re always working hard to bring you new things on The Dojo! In addition to the upcoming 3 events we have, yes, that’s 3 (TinyTestBash.TestBashNY. And TestBash ), we have some new things we are producing over at The Dojo.  Normally we are adding to it at least once a week, usually more.  We don’t […]

TestRail 5.0 Announced With Full JIRA Test Management Integration & More

Gurock just released TestRail 5.0, a new version of their popular modern test management tool. Teams use TestRail to significantly improve and boost their testing efforts. The latest release introduces an all-new JIRA integration, advanced defect reports for dozens of issue & bug trackers, new context tabs for faster testing, Confluence and intranet integrations and […]

TestBashNY Hotel Tips

So we’ve been hunting down deals for hotels for TestBashNY and thought that getting a group deal would end up being more cost effective.  Apparently it’s not and it’s cheaper to just book direct! For quick reference below are the addresses of the venues for our workshop and conference days along with some recommendations for […]

Creating A Consciously Meaningful Workplace

Some may call it democratic. I currently prefer the term ‘meaningful’.  I will probably come up with a better name and description over the coming months, or years. What I’m talking about is creating a workplace with a different focus and value than a more traditional business. Some people call this a ‘democratic workplace‘ – operating […]

Join us on the journey of co-creating better testers!

We’re looking for sponsors big and small to help get TestBashNY off the ground! Ministry of Testing was founded on the idea of co-creating better testers.  The clue in how we approach our projects and create the change that is needed is with the idea of ‘co-creation’.  Together we can create a better world for […]

My Approach to Mobile Accessibility Testing

By Helen Burge When I get asked by team members about mobile accessibility, I am often asked how difficult it is compared to desktop accessibility testing. Often the questions indicate how many assume that mobile accessibility is a completely different beast to traditional functional and accessibility software testing. This has prompted me to write this […]

Guidelines For Submitting Talks & Workshops To TestBash

TestBash has evolved over the years and I now feel we are getting to a stable, mature yet lightweight and flexible way of reviewing talk and workshop submissions. Our process is ever evolving and I’d like to share it with you here.  We hope it will help you gain insight and encourage you to apply […]