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TestBash 2015 – Win A Sponsored Ticket

We’re trialling out sponsored TestBash tickets for our next TestBash.  This means that a person or an organisation can buy a TestBash 2015 ticket that we will then give away to someone who has applied and we believe is deserving. In honour of the first anonymous TestBash ticket sponsor donor – an individual who wanted […]

Light at the End of the Regression Testing Tunnel

How do you feel when you hear somebody referring to regression testing? Chances are, it’s dependent on your own definition of the term, and your own workplace experiences. If you’re working on a newly emerging product, or in conjunction with design practices such as Continuous Delivery, which feature regular releases supported by automated checks, then […]

Boom! TestBash Tickets Now On Sale!

TestBash is back in 2015 and tickets are now on sale!  And really, there are too many speakers to announce, so please just click through and check out the line up we have! We’re introducing a workshop day before TestBash – 9 workshops, 3 tracks with the option to choose on the day which ones to attend – there […]

Quantitative Implementation for Performance Testing and Engineering

It is usually a misconception that performance-testing activities are basically to use a load-testing tool and script the business scenario, execute the test and submit the results, but many are not aware of the importance of basic Quantitative Analysis methodologies related to performance testing. They are usually missed out or the tester is probably under […]

Why You Need Network Emulation for your App Testing

Whether you’re a technical person or not, it won’t be lost on you that applications seem to perform quite differently in different networked environments.  This might be the difference between accessing a file that’s local to you or one that’s been stored in the cloud. And of course the same is true for corporate applications […]

What children’s minds tell us about software testing: Part 3 – Discovering the Truth

A detailed overview of Chapter 3 of Allison Gopnik’s book, ‘The Philosophical Baby’ [1] In the first two parts of this series, I explained that children create physical and psychological causal maps and then use them to generate counterfactuals to learn about the world.  In this part I describe how causal learning works.  Very young […]