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Qualitative Research Coding & Mind Maps

Coding is a heuristic (from the Greek, meaning “to discover”) – an exploratory problem-solving technique without specific formulas to follow. – Richards & Morse, via The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers One of the immense privileges of curating the treasure trove of articles we receive for The Testing Planet is staying ahead of the curve […]

So, What Do Testers Do? (We Need Your Input!)

I started a discussion over at Software Testing Club questioning whether testing was dead yet. The responses were pretty clear that testing is, infact, not dead.  Yay! Perhaps we can relax a bit now and have a celebration? However, on a serious note, the responses have indicated that whilst testing is not dead, it has changed. […]

Integrating ALM

Big vendors of test and development tools have traditionally had their areas of strength (HP in testing, IBM in project management for example). But in recent years they’ve rebranded their solution sets to cover the whole application lifecycle: HP Quality Center has become Application Lifecycle Management (ALM); and IBM’s ClearCase and ClearQuest were replaced by […]

Synergetic Testing

“Oh, so you play casino games all day…” I have a fantastic life. It’s true… I have a great private life, and my work life is truly awesome! I bet you don’t hear many testers say that. I read so many horror stories  about the lives of other testers who suffer at the hands of […]

Tshirts For Everyone, At TestBash!

Made possible by our sponsor, BugBuster. TestBash is entering its 4th year of existence and it has come a long way.  Being grass roots, bootstrapped and community driven at every possible angle we’ve grown from a 60 person event to (our capacity of) 250 last year.  We hope to achieve similar numbers of awesome testers for our next […]