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7 Practical Software Testing Tips from TestBash Presenters

We gathered some practical software testing tips for you from presenters of TestBash Brighton, the most awesome software testing conference out there! Dancing a New JIG! – Mark Tomlinson At the last TestBash 2015 Simon Knight guided the class through the essentials of using JMeter to get started with performance testing. Most of the class […]

Preparing for Building Quality In with Distributed Teams

By Lisa Crispin Since early November, Abby Bangser and I have been collaborating to put together our TestBash workshop. We made our “release plan” with milestones and a schedule of Skype meetings (we’re a distributed team too ­ Abby is in London and I’m in Colorado!) We created a shared mind map in MindMup 2.0 to brainstorm […]

10 Great Questions from Tester to Architect

By Ash Winter Asking questions is one the most important skills of a great tester. I really want to help testers deal with the big picture, the hard to hold in your head type of information. Asking questions and piecing together that emergent picture is a real skill, so here’s a taster of some powerful […]

Love Hate Testing? How Words Make Us Feel.

I was recently thinking about (software testing) words and their effects on people.  I then put out the question on Twitter and LinkedIn about what words they don’t like or make them feel icky about testing.  I got enough responses to give me an excuse to take this little bit of research further.  However, it […]

What Mobile Challenges Do Software Testers Face In 2016?

We asked the software testing community what mobile challenges software testers face in 2016.  Here are the best answers! Unexpected pop-ups Submitted by Jason Huggins, It’s hard to write a repeatable automation test script when at any given time, an ad or other alert-style window appears and obscures the screen below. This has been a […]

Now Is The TestBash Time. (And You Know Testers Can Be Cool Too!)

Right! You.  Read this now. I’m going to tell you as it is!  TestBash is the place to be!  Get booking your tickets!  Stop faffing about.  2016 is not the year for excuses.  If it were my boys speaking, they would call this a beastly event to attend! I can tell you the early bird […]