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TestBash Is Coming To Germany

  The TestBash fever is spreading and the list is getting longer. Following Brighton, Manchester, the US, Belfast and the Netherlands, TestBash is coming to Germany! Yes, that’s right. TestBash is coming to Munich! After experiencing TestBash in Brighton and Manchester, both on and off stage, our vision was set. We – Kristine (@e_tester) and […]

TinyTestBash Is Coming To Belfast

Yes, TestBash really is coming to Belfast. We still can’t believe it ourselves. The community asked and Ministry of Testing responded. Belfast can sometimes be forgotten about and there really is an amazing community here. Myself (@heather_reiduff), Hugh McCamphill (@hughleo01) and Neill Boyd (@BelfastTester) have been active members of the Belfast testing community for quite […]

TestBash Brighton Tickets Now On Sale

On 23-24th of March 2017 TestBash Brighton is happening. Super early bird tickets are now on sale.   Last year we sold out 2 months in advance.  TestBash Manchester sold out 3 months in advance.  Please bear this in mind when booking! The good news is that we have a new bigger venue, so we can […]

TestBash Brighton – Call For Papers

There’s lots going down at Ministry of Testing HQ! It seems like there is a TestBash here there and everywhere – Manchester, Philadelphia, Netherlands and next up (again) is Brighton. TestBash Brighton is happening on March 23rd-24th 2017. And we have a new venue!  This is partly because we’ve out grown our previous one and whilst […]

Are You Coming To TestBash Philadelphia?

In the Masterclasses we host on The Dojo, Richard often says that we follow the energy of the community.  This phrase has stuck with me simply because it is so true! We are built from the ground up, with the help from the community.  We listen carefully and try our best to create things that […]

Open Space at TestBash Manchester

So hopefully by now you would have seen the conference line up for the Friday at TestBash Manchester and perhaps noticed that in the ticket options, there is one for TestBash + Open Space. So what is this Open Space? This will be the first TestBash Open Space and we’re seeing it as an initiative […]

Preparing for Building Quality In with Distributed Teams

By Lisa Crispin Since early November, Abby Bangser and I have been collaborating to put together our TestBash workshop. We made our “release plan” with milestones and a schedule of Skype meetings (we’re a distributed team too ­ Abby is in London and I’m in Colorado!) We created a shared mind map in MindMup 2.0 to brainstorm […]

Now Is The TestBash Time. (And You Know Testers Can Be Cool Too!)

Right! You.  Read this now. I’m going to tell you as it is!  TestBash is the place to be!  Get booking your tickets!  Stop faffing about.  2016 is not the year for excuses.  If it were my boys speaking, they would call this a beastly event to attend! I can tell you the early bird […]

Giving the Gift of TestBash

A couple of years ago we gave away a scholarship to someone special. Last year we gave the option for people to fund a ticket for someone else. The act of giving and paying forward remains huge in my heart and everything we do.  We are actively seeking people who would benefit from attending our […]