Session Based Test Management with James Bach



Session-Based Test Management is a way to organize exploratory testing, as well as to apply basic measurements to it. It’s based on the idea of a “session.” Test sessions are standard-length uninterrupted time boxes during which we test. SBTM is a systematic approach to documenting and estimating testing. This class walks you through all the essentials of how to apply SBTM (and also its cousin: Thread-Based Test Management).

Computers are required, as we will be testing a live website during class.

You will learn:

– Public tools that support SBTM
– How the session debriefings work.
– How to use the breakdown metrics.
– How Thread-Based Test Management works with SBTM.
– How to create test charters.
– How to use sessions to estimate future work.
– How to take testing notes.


Registration is closed.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds can be given should you need to cancel your course. Written notice (email is sufficient) is required a minimum of 30 days before the course start date. A refund will be issued minus a 15% (plus VAT) administration charge.

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