A Tester Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Download – A Tester Is For Life (PDF)

In November 2010 we launched a new community charity project called “A Tester is for life, not just for Christmas”. The response was overwhelming and this eBook you are reading now is the results of this experiment. The aim of the eBook was to ask a simple set of questions and garner responses from you, the Testing Community. The responses are enlightening, inspiring and in some cases, hilarious.

This eBook is free for you to download and distribute as you see fit, but all we ask in return is that you consider donating to Oxfam via our Just Giving site:

STC SantaWe’re aiming to raise as much money as possible for Oxfam and your help is very much appreciated.

A big Thank You to all who have contributed to this eBook and we do hope it will give all who read it some little nuggets of interest, or at least inspire you to question elements of your learning and testing. As a minimum I do hope some of the testers mentioned in this eBook will give you someone new to follow or get in touch with. As with most community eBooks we actually got a lot more responses than we could realistically fit in this eBook. As such we didn’t include every response so apologies for those who didn’t make it in, but early in the New Year we will be publishing the whole response set via The Software Testing Club blog.

Sit back, relax and read about what others in the community are thinking about testing.

Happy holiday time to you all.

Download – A Tester Is For Life (PDF)


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7 Responses to “A Tester Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas”

  1. Test ManagerDecember 14, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

    Being a technical manager is hard enough, but managing the testing process is a unique challenge, requiring judgment, agility, and organization. The course covers the essential tools, critical processes, significant considerations, and fundamental management skills for people who lead or manage development and maintenance test efforts. It describes the development and use of the test plan, the test system, the bug tracking database, and the test tracking spreadsheet. It covers the “people skills” needed to define your test team, hire the appropriate people, manage that team’s relationships with peers and managers, and distribute test work to other participants. Finally, the course addresses the contextual issues of test projects, such as the economics of testing, the test effort within the project.

  2. Chris PattinsonDecember 17, 2010 at 4:08 pm #

    Thanks Rosie, this was a really interesting read!

    I’ve referenced this blog on my own. Hearing from experienced testers on their experiences and view is a really great introduction for those new to software testing.

  3. Rosie SherryDecember 17, 2010 at 4:13 pm #

    Thanks Chris.

    Hadn’t come across your blog. Have now added you to our Tester Feeds. Which means it shows up here: http://feeds.softwaretestingclub.com and here on the right hand column http://www.sotwaretestingclub.com when you write something new.



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