Software Testing Club Meetups

[Part of a series to help the community get the best out of The Software Testing Club]

The idea of having local meetups has always been within our wishes and intentions since starting The Software Testing Club back in 2007.

Four years on, it seemed like the right time to kick the Meetups concept off, continuing with much of the ethos of The Software Testing Club.

So, we came up with some guidelines:

  • STC Meetups are community driven
  • STC Meetups can happen anywhere in the world
  • a meetup is hosted by a member of The Software Testing Club
  • a host is expected to find the venue, decide on the format of the event and be there on the night
  • there can be multiple hosts
  • hosts are not paid, though we do pay them in different non-financial ways 🙂
  • a meetup is meant for local people, of course anyone can come from anywhere, but the idea is to serve the local community (and reduce the long travel factor)
  • a meetup can be social, educational or both
  • The Software Testing and the host agree on a venue – STC cover cost of room and a round of drinks
  • The Software Testing Club finds sponsors, if necessary, for the event
  • The Software Testing Club promotes the event extensively
  • This means the host does not need to worry about the finances and the marketing
  • STC applies the same strict marketing rules – no sales pitches allowed on the night
  • STC Meetups are about learning, meeting people and building up your network offline
  • Anyone can be a host if they show the commitment – there is no long term commitment (ie. you don’t have to sign up to do x amount of events per year).

At the time of writing we’ve had one Meetup which has caused some jealousy 🙂  There is another one coming up and interest from ‘hosts’ in 5 different locations.

If you would like to become a Meetup organiser or a Sponsor drop Rosie an email rosie[at[

If you would like to stay up to date with Meetups, then join our Meetup Group.

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