Oxford Meetup – Some Videos

Better late than never.

Two weeks ago around 25 – 30 software testers gathered in a very small, but cosy, room at the lovely The Retreat pub in Oxford, England.

After half an hour or so of mingling we kicked off some awesome lightning talks. Watch them here.

On reflection I think we could have sustained some more talks and conversations well in to the night. The meetup couldn’t have been possible without kind sponsorship from The Test People (cracking bunch of testers) and Electromind (sadly Stephen Allot couldn’t be there on the night).
The discussions during and after the talks were excellent and it became quite clear that the future of testing is going to be very interesting indeed.

I’m afraid, because of the poor lighting, some of the videos haven’t turned out quite right. A learning point for me.

A big shout out once again to The Test People and Electromind for sponsoring the event and of course everyone who turned up to support The Software Testing Club and their local testing community.

If you are reading this and feel inspired to create your own local meetup then please do drop me a line and we can help you out. (rob (at) softwaretestingclub (dot) com.

It really was an inspiring evening and I can’t help but believe that the testing community here in the UK would seriously benefit from more local meetings to share ideas, build relationships and strengthen our knowledge of testing. Any takers?


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