Rapid Software Testing Course – Check.

Starting new things is always a nervous experience, for me at least. The fear. The excitement. The challenge of making things work.

I love what we are doing at the moment. Software Testing Club. The Testing Planet. The Ministry of Testing.  It’s pretty awesome to be able to do these things.  It is a full time job for me now, so it has to work in order for me to continue to grow the business and of course pay myself a meager wage to feed my 3 constantly hungry boys.

Last week was an important week. We had our first public course. The Rapid Software Testing one with James Bach.  And am pleased to say it was a success.  16 students, including myself, went through the challenges brought upon us.

I enjoyed the whole experience.  It was a challenging and thought provoking course, but also for me it was great to meet other testers.  It’s not just about delivering a course.  It’s about understanding who I am working with and figuring out what they actually want.  There’s nothing more that I want than to get a deep understanding of how we can help testers and the software testing industry advance.

I always have this constant fear that things won’t turn out. In this case, the fear of letting James down. The fear of not making the sales/numbers.  I don’t think this fear is a bad thing.  It is constantly pushing me forward to push my business creativity boundaries to ensure things work out well.

Overall, the feedback was positive.  A few points for improvement for future training courses, but all minor, and taken on board.

Stephen Janaway wrote a blog post about it.

The good news is that James will be back with us.  More news on that once we have final confirmation.

Next up is the TestBash.  Yes, I’m fearful about that one too, but only one week to go until it happens. Eek!


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