Let’s Test 2012 is coming!

A few words from Ola of Lets Test conference:

We’re getting close now and spring is finally coming to Sweden. The biggest thing this spring, for me and the rest of the Let’s Test crew, is of course the very first Let’s Test conference. It’s a great experience putting this event together and the response we have received from the testing community had been truly amazing! The support we’ve been getting means a lot to us and it has really made a difference. Thank you all very much for your support!

It’s now more than a year ago the first idea for this came up as a result of someone asking the valid question: Why isn’t there a Context-driven themed conference in Europe? That was followed by a lot of agreement that boiled down to the fact that it’s a shame. Everyone was pretty much up for going to such an event and then someone said: Then why don’t we do it?

Eventually we did! Now it’s just around the corner!

We still have room for more delegates and we hope that if you’re not already registered you will soon. Two of the tutorials are full but we there are more to choose from and I’m sure you can find something to your liking. I was reading through the program the other day and I spontaneously said: I want to go to this! The presentations look great, the camp style event with everyone staying at the venue and speakers and delegates are all around. The Let’s TestLab and whole lot of other cool things, like Alan Richardson giving an extra evening talk on hypnosis,  happening after dinner. The facilitated discussions that are a vital part of each presentation. The testers! The people coming to Let’s Test are what I believe is the biggest asset, if you like, and the biggest part of why this will be a unique and absolutely amazing event. I would love to see you there! Come and be part of the very first Let’s Test conference and go back with a great experience. Not to mention the bragging rights for being one of the participants the very first one.

Ola Hyltén
Conference General – Let’s Test 2012

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