eBook – 99 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Tester

Become a Better Tester

Over at the Software Testing Club we asked our lovely community of software testers whether we would be able to come up with a list of 99 Things Testers Can Do To Become Better Testers.

This is the result. The community has answered. We hope it will inspire you to take some action to become a better tester. Enjoy and share amongst your team and community!

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Download (PDF)

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One Response to “eBook – 99 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Tester”

  1. Mike LylesJuly 29, 2013 at 1:15 am #

    Such an awesome E-book. i’m going to share with my entire test team and peers. Great advice from several experts and luminaries in the field. Thanks to you guys for putting this book together! I am willing to assist with the future ones!