Something Special For TestBash Self Funders

The clock is really ticking and I’m starting to get my pre-event nerves.  I’m hoping you all can help me keep calm!

Making TestBash Accessible To All

We created TestBash to accommodate the need for an independent and community driven software testing event.  We’d like as many people as possible to benefit from it whilst still having the ability to grow and re-invest in future activities.  We have shown this through the scholarship programmes we have created and being randomly kind to individuals…just because we can.

We have noticed that the majority of people attend TestBash because they work for awesome companies who pay for them to go.  The people who pay out of their own wages is still a minority.

As a bootstrapped and independent little company we hope that providing an incentive will prove to be the tipping point for some self-funders to attend.

So here is the deal:

If you are self funding and cannot justify the full price, here is 50% off the list price for TestBash and Workshop days.

It’s up to you to decide whether your reason is valid enough to not pay the full price.  We are not here to judge. We won’t interrogate you.  We trust that karma will come back and get you if you use the discount code inappropriately 🙂

There are only a few of these tickets available and they are not a huge amount of tickets left anyways.  We hope some of you can benefit from it.

Please feel free to pass this on to someone you may think would benefit.

Thank you!

– Rosie Sherry
Founder all things Ministry of Testing and Software Testing Club.

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