99 Second Talks Go Virtual

I’ve long believed that the software testing world needs fresh voices and that sometimes these voices need opportunities to tip their toes into the world of sharing their ideas.

This is partly why we are doing TinyTestBash – which will (generally) have a theme of being more local and have new(er) speakers participating.

However, we’d like to take this online too.

For the past 3 years, we’ve been doing 99 second talks at the end of each TestBash.  These talks have not only gone a storm, but have also shown me that there are many testers who do have something to to share.  These talks have also given some of the testers the courage and opportunity to do more within the community. We think this is good.

So we’re taking the 99 second talks online.

You can watch the 99 second talks we have so far.

But most importantly, we’d love you to share yours.   It can be as polished or unpolished as you like.  The important thing is that we get to hear and/or see your message!

Please email your submissions to moi at rosie@softwaretestingclub.com

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