TestBash Brighton 2016 – Submissions Now Open

We’ve opened talk and workshop submissions for our Brighton TestBash conference a bit later than normal this year to accommodate our upcoming New York TestBash conference.

TestBash Brighton talk submissions are now open.  Apply here!

(If you submitted to TestBash New York then you should find out very soon whether you have been successful or not.  If you are not successful with TestBash New York then we would highly recommend you apply to speak at TestBash Brighton.  At the time of writing I can say that whilst we haven’t yet chosen speakers, there are just too many to choose from.  There are plenty that we would love to accept, but cannot because the speaking slots are limited. We would really love to see some of you re-submit for Brighton.)

When submitting to TestBash, it’s worth bearing in mind:

  • we like talks to be new (there are exceptions, sometimes)
  • we love to hear real stories
  • we like new ideas
  • we like things to be interesting
  • we dislike sales pitches (become a sponsor instead)
  • we like to have the confidence in you, as a human being, that you can deliver
  • it really helps (I mean, really, really, really helps) if we know who you are and/or can find out more about you

And the last point is really not about being ‘popular’.  It honestly isn’t. The truth is that everyone is a keynote at TestBash.  And if this is the case, then we need to have confidence that you can deliver.  How you give us that confidence is entirely up to you and your creative mind! 🙂

The submission deadline is August 21st 2015.  Apply to TestBash Brighton!

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