Ministry of Testing Gem Webinars

Ministry of Testing Gem Webinars (#testgems)

The world of testing is full of great voices and stories, and we have heard too few of them. Thus we’re creating a webinar series for the new voices and stories. The mic is open and stage is yours, let’s just set up a time so that people know when to show up to listen! Who ever comes are the right people: both in speakers and participants. Let’s seek to understand and learn, and discover more together!

What we have to offer for the speakers:

  • A friendly crowd and a facilitator, all who wants to see you succeed as a speaker!
  • Pre-session feedback to support your preparations and post-session improvement ideas from the facilitator
  • Chance to practice, get feedback, feel safe to fail: find the topic that attracts people
  • An international audience interested in testing
  • A recording available later for free at the Dojo to use as reference for your other speaking applications

What we have to offer for the audience:

  • People and stories you’ve not heard before
  • People you’ve heard from with new stories and experimental topics
  • Local stars sharing internationally
  • Content available at scheduled time and freely on the Dojo (on choice of the speaker)

Join us for discovering the gems of the testing world!

This Gems are going to be hosted by the awesome Maaret Pyhäjärvi!


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