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What is Lateral and Critical Thinking?

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Mark Winteringham


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Dan Ashby

Director of Quality Services

Talk Description
In this video, Dan and Mark will introduce you to what lateral and critical thinking are, why these types of thinking are relevant to testers, provide some examples and discuss the pitfalls you should be aware of.
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Mark Winteringham


About Speaker

Mark Winteringham is a tester, toolsmith and the Ministry of Testing OpsBoss with over 10 years experience providing testing expertise on award-winning projects across a wide range of technology sectors including BBC, Barclays, UK Government and Thomson Reuters. He is an advocate for modern risk-based testing practices and trains teams in Automation in Testing, Behaviour Driven Development and Exploratory testing techniques. He is also the co-founder of Ministry of Testing Essentials a community raising awareness of careers in testing and improving testing education. You can find him on Twitter @2bittester or at mwtestconsultancy.co.uk / automationintesting.com

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Dan Ashby

Director of Quality Services

About Speaker

Proud father. Quality and Testing enthusiast, teacher, coach, mentor and servant leader. Director of Quality Services @ Ada Health. I blog at: danashby.co.uk and I'm a co-founder of the MoT Essentials (formerly the Software Testing Clinic). I love being involved in the testing community (and other communities)!

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