The Software Testing Planning Checklist

The Software Testing Planning Checklist

Software Testing Planning Checklist to help you think about your project, identify potential gaps and give new ideas to approach your testing by Rosie Sherry

By Rosie Sherry

Ever been tasked with planning your software testing efforts? Ever felt like you’ve left something out? And as a consequence feared the software would fail rapidly and all fingers would be pointed at you? 

Using this Software Testing Planning Checklist could help put your mind at ease.

This checklist is not a magic solution.  It is designed to help you think about the project you are working on, identify potential gaps and potentially give you new ideas on how to approach your testing.

Of course, these can't nor won't always cover all the things that you should be considering, but they are a step in the right direction to help you think and analyse the software under test.

Software Test Planning

Understand the why...
How can you plan for something if you don’t understand the reasons why? What are the goals? Why have you even been assigned a testing project?

Outputs of testing the software:
What are the outputs of testing? With agile type approaches of working it can be increasingly hard to physically show the output of testing.

Types of testing:
The types of testing available can help you define what type of testing needs to happen. Most software testing plans don’t cover all of these at once. They could include things like:

Software Testing Plan Formats

Of course, you’ll want to consider how you will communicate that plan…

Project Management


Every testing effort needs resources. Do you know what resources you have access to? You could be thinking about things like:

Your test lab



Understanding the Product

It helps to think of and brainstorm all the things that put the software together…

How does it work?

Applying the testing skills…

Is it worth breaking the product down into components?

The Risks…

What is the software capable of?

Data, all the data…

Using the software…


Author Bio:

Rosie Sherry is FounderBoss of Ministry of Testing. When she's not with running recklessly, with her husband or with one of her five unschooling children she is helping build up the community of Ministry of Testing.

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