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Sonali Das

Test Automation Manager

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This AMA is hosted by Gwen Diagram and our question answer is Sonali Das.

Sonali answers the following questions in this AMA:

  • What kind of open sources tool do you use to create low code / codeless tools?
  • If you could build the ultimate testing tool, what would that tool do?
  • What are some pain points / limitations when using codeless automatoin tools?
  • Do you ever find that manual / exploratory testing is more practical in certiain moments? e.g. features being new / unstable, complexity, important edge cases?
  • What kind of automated testing do you find most satisfying?
  • Do you find that codeless automation tools can be a way to open up outside of the QA team, or can otherwise be used to improve cross-team relationships?
  • Do you have a written set of standards for your automation team? Do you do code reviews?
  • What advice would you give someone looking to introduce automated tests to their app who is starting from scratch?
  • How do you work with table validation in codeless approach?
  • What techiniques do you recommend for managing and creating test data?
  • Do you like using Cucumber BDD and stuff like that, or see it as more of a overhead?
  • How do you train your team members on the tools you build?
  • What you mix and match tools in your recipes, how do you keep all those libraries up to date?
  • What's the biggest challenge you've faced in your tool journey?
  • I'm also curious about training, what makes training on a new tool easy for everyone involved?
  • What technical books are you currently reading, if any?
Sonali Das's profile'

Sonali Das

Test Automation Manager

Sonali Das, 15 years seasoned Test Automation Professional, is currently working as Test Automation Manager. Sonali has worked in various Industries like BFS, Insurance, Retails, Online Education system, Oil & Gas, Healthcare and Pharma Industry as QA Automation Lead/Architect and designed maintained Test Automation Framework using both Commercial and non-commercial tools like MF UFT, Selenium, Worksoft Certify, SeeTest, SoapUI, Postman. She has expertise in a Programming language as VB scripting, Java, JavaScript, Groovy. She loves coding and exploring and learning new skills and mentoring others."
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