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The Software Testing Club is Dead, Long Live The Software Testing Club

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings. The long timers know that Ministry of Testing started out at The Software Testing Club.  A humble forum that grew over the years.  The original Software Testing Club forum still exists, however, over the coming months we will be working to switch it off.  It’s been […]

TestBash Brighton Tickets Now On Sale

On 23-24th of March 2017 TestBash Brighton is happening. Super early bird tickets are now on sale.   Last year we sold out 2 months in advance.  TestBash Manchester sold out 3 months in advance.  Please bear this in mind when booking! The good news is that we have a new bigger venue, so we can […]

Create. Participate. Get Involved. Here is how.

Last week we sold out our TestBash Manchester tickets. I celebrated this with a run and a bit of chalk grafiti! I also thought it would be a good time to jot down some thoughts about it and how we are trying grow and co-create an awesome testing community. We have a big mountain to climb, with a very small core […]

TestBash Brighton – Call For Papers

There’s lots going down at Ministry of Testing HQ! It seems like there is a TestBash here there and everywhere – Manchester, Philadelphia, Netherlands and next up (again) is Brighton. TestBash Brighton is happening on March 23rd-24th 2017. And we have a new venue!  This is partly because we’ve out grown our previous one and whilst […]

Moving onwards, together

Last week we sold out our TestBash Manchester tickets. I celebrated this with a run and a bit of chalk grafiti! Earlier this year we sold out our TestBash Brighton tickets weeks in advance too. This is our 9 year overnight success story, right? 🙂 Of course we are celebrating this, but it also sends many different […]

Are You Coming To TestBash Philadelphia?

In the Masterclasses we host on The Dojo, Richard often says that we follow the energy of the community.  This phrase has stuck with me simply because it is so true! We are built from the ground up, with the help from the community.  We listen carefully and try our best to create things that […]

Masterclass: How to Identify Risk in a Large Code Base with Noah Sussman

Once or twice a month, courtesy of The Dojo, we host an online Masterclass.  These are usually one hour long and driven by the energy of the Ministry of Testing community.  These Masterclasses are free to attend live and recordings are made available to all Pro Members of The Dojo. Our next Masterclass with Noah […]

What We’ve Been Sharing This Week

We love to gather and share.  Every week (for 135 weeks so far) we’ve been gathering the latest information from the community sharing it via email and social media.  We thought it was about time to share it on the web.  You can subscribe to the email version here.   The abysmal state of ‘testing’ […]