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Ministry of Testing: A Year In Numbers

There is no doubt that 2017 was our most successful year on all fronts! Below is an infographic sharing all the things that Ministry of Testing got up to and achieved in 2017. We want to thank the Ministry of Testing community: every supporter, every speaker, every workshop facilitator, every attendee, every sponsor, every content creator, every […]

Test.bash(); – A Targeted Bash

TestBash is entering its 7th year, which we are really proud of here at Ministry of Testing. TestBash has done it’s best to bring a balance of talks that cover all the important aspects of testing, quality and working in software development. We feel we’ve been doing a good job of that and will continue […]

TestBash Returning To Manchester For Its Third Year!

So all the TestBashes are announced apart from, arguably the best, Manchester! OK, I’m biased because I live in Manchester and grew up there, but I’m very proud to be able to bring this great event back to Manchester for the third year running. Some long-term members of the testing community said that last years TestBash […]

Revamping Resources For Software Testers

At Ministry of Testing, we’ve been collecting links to handy resources for Software Testers for many years now. Our latest resource list is on websites for software testers to practice their testing on. We’ve been keeping them all together on The Dojo in our Resources series to make testers’ lives a little easier. You can […]

TestBash Brighton: Exposing The UnExpo

We’ve all heard of expos and unconferences, well at TestBash Brighton we’ll be running the first ever UnExpo! Still not following you I hear you say (in my mind) … let me explain, the UnExpo is going to be an attendee-driven expo. Meaning that rather than a room full of vendors promoting their wares, we’ll […]

14 Most Popular Articles Of 2017

2017 was a year of supporting new writers in publishing great testing articles. I’ve long believed that we can elevate testers and our community through the power of great words. Good writing is as good as, if not more important than, good speaking. I don’t think it is a coincidence that a few of the […]

Top Ten TestBash Talks Of 2017: As Chosen By MoT Bosses

In 2017 we hosted a record number of six TestBashes across the globe; next year we are hosting even more and in three new locations!! If you did not manage to make any of the TestBashes, don’t worry all our TestBash talks are available on our learning platform The Dojo. We heard a total of […]

We Want To Hear Your Stories: Call For Writers!

Here at Ministry of Testing, we’re looking for writers to write articles for The Dojo. The Joy of Sharing Stories We love to hear from and learn from testers actively working in the field. What difficulties you’re coming up against, what revelations you’re having, how you’re solving problems, what useful tools you’ve built or discovered, […]