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When Your Mentor Moves On:
 Dealing with A Change In Ideal Leadership

By Brian J. Noggle In retrospect, it seemed idyllic. The QA manager was great. Not only did the boss understand and support your drive to learn more by attending conferences, but he or she even allowed you to read articles and interact with the testing community on company time. When someone sought a scapegoat when […]

Managing Your Relationships – Relationshipping Your Manager

by Ben Kelly When I was learning the ropes as a tester, I’d go to my manager when I was blocked. As far as I was concerned, it was their job to do whatever necessary to allow me to focus on mine. If I didn’t need anything from them, I really just wanted them to […]

What I Learned Pairing On A Workshop

by Lisa Crispin I had the privilege of pairing with Abby Bangser to create and facilitate a half-day workshop at TestBash 2016: “Building Quality In with Distributed Teams“. Bhagya Mudiyanselage, one of the workshop participants, wrote about her experiences in the workshop . I learned a lot by preparing and facilitating this workshop with Abby, […]

10 Great Questions from Tester to Architect

By Ash Winter Asking questions is one the most important skills of a great tester. I really want to help testers deal with the big picture, the hard to hold in your head type of information. Asking questions and piecing together that emergent picture is a real skill, so here’s a taster of some powerful […]

What Mobile Challenges Do Software Testers Face In 2016?

We asked the software testing community what mobile challenges software testers face in 2016.  Here are the best answers! Unexpected pop-ups Submitted by Jason Huggins, It’s hard to write a repeatable automation test script when at any given time, an ad or other alert-style window appears and obscures the screen below. This has been a […]

Top Browser Extensions For Testing Software

Here at the Ministry of Testing we love anything that can make our testing easier. Tools that take away the mundane and boring bits, and leave us more time to really focus on exploring software are great. When we’re testing web applications and websites then browser extensions really help do just that. They help make […]

6 Practical Ideas to Stay Creative in Software Testing

by Simon Knight You may not have thought of software testing as being a particularly creative discipline before. But if you haven’t done so already, it may be time to start. If nothing else, thinking more innovatively about how you approach your testing projects will help you sharpen your own testing skills. And if you […]