Feature Spotlight

Create a Feature Spotlight for TestBash Autumn

Share your knowledge about different features of a tool in short videos

  • Jul 31, 2023
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  • testbash-autumn-2023

Deadline to submit: 31st of July 2023

Presentation date: 23rd of November 2023

What are we looking for?

Richard Bradshaw has recorded a very useful video explaining what we're looking for. Have a look:


If you're selected to record a Feature Spotlight, you will need to:

  • Update your MoT profile with a picture, short bio and social media links
  • Agree to pre-record your video(s) at an agreed time with someone from the MoT team


We will pay you £50 per Feature Spotlight featured on the main stage. As always, you can choose to donate your fees to the Ministry of Testing Scholarship Fund


Diana Dromey
By Diana Dromey

EventBoss at Ministry of Testing


£50 per Feature Spotlight

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    Feature Spotlight
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    £50 per Feature Spotlight
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    May 11, 2023
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    Jul 31, 2023