Ask Me Anything Speakers

Our Testing AMA webinars are returning and I'm looking for speakers.


If you believe you can answer questions on a specific testing topic, then this is an opportunity for you.


Online. We use CrowdCast for our webinars.


A 1 hour long webinar, where a host will ask you questions on a topic of your choice. Those questions will come from the community, attendees and the host themselves. If you've not seen the format before, you can watch past AMAs here.


Our AMAs will be on Thursdays, the time will depend on you. We'll work together to find the best time slot.
I'm looking to host 1 or 2 webinars each month for the remainder of the year.


It's a quick low preparation format to share your knowledge with the community. Our hosts will also make you feel super comfortable and control the pace and flow of the webinar.
We'll also pay you £150 for your time.


In order to apply, please click the apply button above, or this link, and you'll need to share your name, email, topic(s) you'd like to do, and which months you can speak.

This Call for Contribution will close on the 26th March. So, be sure to apply before then.

If you have any questions at all, please use the site chat.


Richard Bradshaw
By Richard Bradshaw


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