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Review Abstracts for TestBash Autumn 2023

Help us and your fellow community members by reviewing the abstracts submitted for TestBash Autumn 2023

  • Aug 14, 2023
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The Call For Papers for TestBash Autumn 2023 is well underway and the submissions are coming in, which means we now need your help to start reviewing those abstracts.

By reviewing abstracts, not only you're helping the MoT team choose the best possible lineup for TestBash Autumn 2023, but you're also helping those who submitted abstracts get insight into what is good about their abstracts and what can be improved.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should review an abstract: maybe you want to start writing abstracts yourself? Maybe you just want to check what are the current hot topics the community is talking about?

Whatever your reason, you're guaranteed to be helping yourself, the community and team MoT! 😉 




Diana Dromey
By Diana Dromey

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