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Share your MoT story and inspire others to join this incredible community.

  • Jun 17, 2023
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:heart: Ministry of Testing is, at its heart, a software testing community.

We started small but have grown into a global force of tens of thousands of testers. We foster innovation through exciting events and provide world-class learning content. We empower the community by collaborating with members and ensure they shape our direction.

Throughout our journey, we have always sought to positively impact the lives of testers, unearth new testing stars, and support aspiring testers through initiatives like our scholarship fund.

At every stage of your testing career, Ministry of Testing holds a different meaning and offers unique opportunities. For newcomers, it’s a place to find belonging and connect with like-minded individuals. Established testers can build their personal brand and mentor others to grow.

Share your MoT story and inspire others to join this incredible community.

:video_camera: Create a video (under 3 minutes) using the guiding questions below. Let us know what MoT means to you, and help others find their sense of belonging.


  • How has Ministry of Testing impacted your testing career?
  • What makes the MoT community special and inclusive?
  • How have you grown professionally through MoT?
  • Why should others join this global testing community?

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Sarah Deery
By Sarah Deery


Excellent community feels

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