30 Days Of Agile Testing

Learn all about how testing fits into an Agile context with our 30 Days of Agile Testing!

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Welcome to 30 Days of Agile Testing. Your opportunity to 30 challenges (plus a bonus challenge) in 30 days to get you talking, sharing and thinking about Testing and Agile.

This 30 Days of Testing has been kindly sponsored by TestRail.

There are no pre-requisites for our 30-day challenges.

UI Component Testing - An Experience Report

0h 30m 58s

How Automated E2E Testing Enables a Consistently Great User Experience on an Ever Changing WordPress.com - Alister Scott

0h 26m 55s

How Context Impacts Your Testability

0h 9m 2s

The Illusion of Control - Drew Pontikis

0h 32m 27s

Gamifying Your Software Testing Career & Workplace: Part 2
Ask Me Anything about Learning

0h 29m 13s

What Are Test Strategies?

0h 1m 27s

To Boldly Go: Taking The Enterprise On A Journey To Structured Exploratory Testing - Aaron Hodder

0h 33m 56s

Introduction to VR Testing

1h 4m 34s

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