Bartosz ICT

We are Bartosz, groundbreaking specialist in testing and test management. Every day we bring people, companies and software systems farther. From an unlimited drive, knowledge of the profession and a preference for adding value. ICT services are a craft for us. People's work in the digital age.

We work from our office in Veenendaal and Den Haag (summer 2019) for the top 250 Dutch companies in finance, government and industry. For them, our dedicated test consultants are just that extra step. They are all analytically trained IT professionals who are strong in communication and have agility in their DNA. Theoretical heavyweights that can translate nulls and ones directly into practice. Testers who analyze high impact applications and systems, uncover risks and remove barriers with only one goal: to contribute to the services of our customers.

Our people are the driving force behind Bartosz. We therefore lead the way in training and education, have a horizontal organizational structure and attach great importance to an inspiring internal culture based on the 'work hard, play hard' mentality. We believe that this is the only way to continue to surprise our customers. And the only way to improve the best together.