Codeless and reliable selenium accelerator

CloudQA - The fastest, easiest and most complete QA automation tool for Web applications

Completely integrated QA Automation Tool. Unlike other disparate and solo testing applications, that have different interfaces, individual learning curves, do not work or sync together, and offered at higher costs, CloudQA is available in modules or as a complete QA functional testing suite.

Unified Platform. Unlike other patched-together testing tools, all modules of CloudQA were developed on the same platform with a common architecture, are integrated and work together seamlessly. It is the only tool that allows you to create a complex test case in minutes and use it for functional testing, stress testing the functionality and testing in a live environment to monitor application behavior under different conditions—saving you effort, complexity and costs.

Complete QA Lifecycle Support. QA lifecycle starts with test definition, followed by test creation, editing, maintenance, execution, notification and reporting—all fully integrated which eliminates multiple points of failure and reduces implementation risks from using multiple disjointed tools to support a QA lifecycle.

Integration With 3rd Party Tools. CloudQA provides integration with popular tools like TestRail, Jenkins, TravisCI, Jira, Slack, Github.