Cycle Automation

Cycle is a BDD-focused, continuous testing platform for your entire team. At Cycle, we're focused on bringing the power of behavior-driven strategies to all teams.

Whether you are deploying enterprise-level packaged applications, connecting disparate solutions to drive your business, or building cutting edge software from the ground up, Cycle arms all team members with a powerful continuous testing engine for automating end-to-end testing, supplementing manual testing, and facilitating realistic and comprehensive performance testing.

Cycle embeds testing into your processes and comes loaded with hundreds of pre-built Steps that allows for valueable tests to be written and executed in minutes, across nearly any ecosystem from native applications, to web and terminal. 

Cycle makes comprehensive end-to-end testing a reality, allowing developers to better communicate with upstream business stakeholders and empower downstream team members like implementation and deployment, as well as quality assurance and testing teams.