Isabel Evans - freelance

Be happy, Do good, Leave the world a better place...

In the age of technology transformation and the knowledge worker one of the key skills people need is the ability to effectively tell their story or their projects story to positively influence companies and products.

Isabel is a story teller and a practitioner, a teacher and a listener. She communicates through stories that resonate with people and enable them to use their voice in their personal and professional lives. She makes technical concepts visual through the telling of stories. She takes what can be obscure and communicates it in an honest and open fashion, allowing dialogue to evolve.

Her work is to enable people to become better informed and spark their inner curiosity on topics that affect how they engage in their own practice. She brings creativity and spark to technical topics that engages teams in learning.

She can help you by mentoring, coaching, teaching, leading workshops, discussing and engaging in software quality and business improvement activities.