Digital Experience Monitoring


RapidSpike is a Digital Experience Monitoring Platform that interacts with digital platforms exactly as customers do. Fast, secure and well structured digital platforms achieve better revenue conversion, improve user experiences and reduce global energy consumption.

RapidSpike pinpoints critical platform issues and improvements by collating real time and synthetic data on customer interactions, system performance and security into clear compelling actionable insights.


  • Data Breach Monitor, Intelligent Page Monitoring (inc. Google Audits), Uptime and Assurance, Security, Real User Monitoring, Malicious User Detection, API monitors, SEO
  • ‘Single Pane of Glass’ Digital Experience Monitoring Platform that measures ALL facets of Digital Experience (Monitoring, Performance & Security)
  • Focusing on Simplicity and Ease of Use Actionable Insights for All
  • Great tool for any business to understand how to improve their user experience in order to improve conversions