Automated UI testing that anyone can use
Using Reflect's cloud-based browser, your actions are recorded as a human-readable test plan that can be re-run at any time. No installation required.  Reflect records a wide array of user interactions and supports all Javascript frameworks.

When tests fail, you'll be notified automatically. Each test failure includes a full-screen video reproducing the failure, along with network requests and Javascript console logs to help you not just triage the problem, but root-cause it.

Add visual assertions by selecting the elements you want to assert again.  We'll compare the last known good state of these elements with the actual state, and will show you the visual diff  between expected and actual states.

Our test recorder includes automatic detection of the following user actions:
- Clicks / Taps
- Form fields, including text fields, radios, dropdowns, and textareas
- Hovers, including both CSS-based and JS-based
- Scrolling, both on the document and within scrollable sub-elements
- Site Navigation, via Back, Forward, or Refresh buttons
- WYSIWYG elements using the "contenteditable" tag
- Drag-and-drop, including detection of native DnD and third-party libraries
- File Uploads