Your test designs. Covered.


Testcover.com offers a state-of-the-art test case generator service which advances test design by improving test coverage and efficiency. The service uses a pairwise test case generator to give statistically complete test plans with a small number of test cases. Users can quickly and easily develop plans for "all pairs" testing, for configurations, GUI entries, database fields, etc.

Our Embedded Functions technology enables coverage of required combinations while avoiding invalid test cases. Test designs can cover system states, equivalence classes of results, class boundaries, edges... And when boundary and edge values are paired, their corners are covered.

Testcover.com provides Software as a Service. Users need a standard browser. There is no need for new computers, installation, set-up or software updates. You can start using the service in minutes and take it wherever the internet goes. It can be used with a variety of development environments, processes and tools.

Free subscriptions and online documentation are available.