Testing Tackled

Love testing, passionate about helping, driven by inclusion.

With many years in testing roles, at all levels, I believe I have encountered many of the challenges faced across testing functions. From small software houses building a team from scratch, enterprise businesses looking for testing efficiencies or teams taking first steps into the world of Agile.
Autism advocacy and driving a change in mindset towards autistic individuals is a huge part of who I am. Driven by my sons Autism diagnosis I believe pushing for awareness and inclusion whilst reducing stigma will drive huge value within organisations and products.
 A few key principles are the cornerstone of development and improvement of teams:
Engagement - Finding ways to ensure the team stay engaged in continuous improvement. The most successful continuous improvement initiatives are driven by the team, not followed by the team.
Inclusion - Building an environment and culture that allows everyone to thrive and grow is hugely beneficial. Removing barriers and constraints to inclusion and supporting diversity will see the best of your team and will drive out products representing those values.
Buy In - Ensuring the business understand the value of a test team that is engaged, improving and delivering. If the business doesn't trust the approach of the testing function then a team will struggle to have confidence in itself.
Context - Identifying the needs of the business, the needs of the customer and delivering testing to service those needs is critical. This means guiding the businesses understanding of the value the test approach is providing.
Communication - Ensuring that effective communication remains a priority and doesn't become a burden. Communication done right can open doors, solve problems, empower individuals and enhance value.