1854 Outram Lines, Kingsway Camp Delhi, Delhi 110009 India

Test Collab is a modern test management tool which offers complete platform for your application’s testing. It offers state-of-the-art integration with all popular bug trackers and test automation tools. Apart from that, it offers time tracking, agile methodology, requirements management, test plans and scheduling.

Visit Test Collab website for free trial and more info:

The Old Factory, 30-31 Devonshire Place, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 1QB United Kingdom

The Test People and Centre4 Testing merged in December 2015 to form the largest, fastest-growing, privately-owned UK software testing company.
Our 300+ UK-based consultants offer a seamless transition between on & offsite testing and our expertise in the fields of technical, automated and performance testing is second to none.
The Test People – Centre4 Testing has the capability and capacity to fulfil clients’ requirements for in-depth advisory services and innovation, helping clients achieve faster speed to market without compromising quality.

At a top level, our services include:

  • Strategic Test Consultancy – Agile, TPI
  • Non-Functional Testing & Performance Engineering
  • Automation – UI and Service/API Testing
  • Mobile/Device Testing – Manual & Automated
  • Managed Services – On/Offsite
  • Staff Augmentation – Contractors, Graduates

With offices in Leeds, Manchester, London and Brighton, we can offer a local presence for our clients.

Templeman House C1, The Point Office Park Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN6 3QN United Kingdom

Pourquoi is a specialist IT consultancy focused on providing innovative solutions to meet your Quality Assurance and Testing requirements. Pourquoi can provide a fully customised automation framework. Alternatively we can provide the tools and utilities to assist you in your test automation pursuits



Starting out in testing can be confusing. There are a lot of conflicting views towards what testing is and there are so many different training events around. Do you learn how to code and write automation, do you learn about Agile, should you be writing test scripts, and what is exploratory testing? Add into this the cost of training and it can all be quite a headache.

But knowing your craft is important and we at Software Testing Clinic believe that for a Tester to be best they can be they should have a place to draw from the wealth of experience and knowledge the software testing community has to offer.

That’s why the Software Testing Clinic offers a safe and open environment for people who are new to Testing to come along and ask questions, learn new skills, and get mentoring from experienced testers FOR FREE!

If you are new to testing and want to know more, come along for

  • Presentations and discussions from expert testers
  • Small group based Q&As, each led by a testing mentor
  • Practical hands on testing sessions using live applications

So check out our website for more information and sign up on our meetup page to join us for our next session.

350 Corporate Way Suite 400 Orange Park, Florida 32073 United States

Better Software magazine, a StickyMinds and TechWell Corp. publication, is the #1 software development magazine in the industry. Digital subscribers get four issues a year delivered straight to their inbox and so can you. Here’s why you need to be subscribed to Better Software magazine!

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Don’t wait any longer! Get your free digital subscription to Better Software magazine and start getting expert analysis, and incredibly insightful articles from subject matter experts such as these:

“Quality Assurance Is a Process, Not a Department” by Susan Bradley

“Simplicity and Precision: Test Planning in Agile Projects” by Janet Gregory

“Motivating Teams In a Self-Organizing Environment” by Maria Matarelli

“Is Agile Breaking Product Management?” by Steve Johnson

“Stop Making Lists, Start Making Product” by David Hussman

“The Lean Test Canvas” by Matt Heusser

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1960 Wellington, suite 306 Montreal, Quebec H3K0A1 Canada

Lean Testing is a free bug tracker and test case management software.

Baumgartnerstraße 21, 86161, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

BrowseEmAll is a website testing tool that helps web designers, developers and testers to quickly and efficiently test their work for all major desktop browsers and mobile devices. We offer live testing, side by side browser comparison, automated full page screenshots, code analytics and test automation through Selenium.

Our tool runs on the Microsoft Windows platform and all test activities are executed directly on the testers machine. This makes a fast and time saving testing experience possible. The lack of third party server processing means that BrowseEmAll is the optimal tool to test in a high secure environment.

1441 Broadway, 3rd Floor New York, New York 10018 United States

QA Mentor is a leading provider of independent quality assurance & testing services. We are one stop shop for all your QA needs and desires. QA Mentor has a strong global presence with operations across United States, UK, France, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and India. Our central headquarters in the heart of New York combined with our global delivery centers allow us to meet the needs of businesses and corporations from small scale enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.

We offer end-to-end quality assurance and software testing services to our clients and are committed to improving quality by providing superior QA customized solutions, advanced QA and testing approaches with our own unique testing methodology. To become the best QA testing company in the world we need to offer the best testing solutions.

We have 25 distinct quality assurance testing services – more than any other independent software testing company in the world:

1. Free Website Verification Testing Services offers an absolutely free usability and aesthetics critique as well as identifying up to 5 defects or issues. You can use this service on an existing website or one you haven’t launched yet.

2. Advisory Support Subscription Services are a one-of-a-kind offering that give you and your team access to all of QA Mentor’s expertise. We are available to answer your most important QA questions – anytime you need us.

3. Application Architecture Inspection Services give you our expert critique of planned or existing architecture. It was designed to identify and fix architecture flaws early, reduce your costs, and lower your risks.

4. Crowdsourcing Testing Services help you with speed and flexibility using a diverse global reach. This increasingly popular service is particularly suited to mobile, compatibility, usability and localization testing.

5. Manual Test Design & Execution Services can ease some of the testing burden from your own QA team, freeing them for dedication to other projects.

6. QA Audit and Process Improvement Services can offer you solid, time-tested advice for your specific needs.

7. QA Automation Tool Expert Services can help you decide if your application is suitable for automation and what tool would be best for you. Put an end to the expensive trial and error approach and let our automation experts give you the benefit of their vast experience after years working in automation.

8. Candidate Interview Assessment Services can be used to screen QA candidates to make sure they are a good fit for your team. With our unique assessment process, we will assure you that the person we identify will be a great addition to your team.

9. QA Environment Management Services can work with you to meet the environment challenges your teams face. Testing environments can be a touchy subject for some teams. Having the right environments in place and managed correctly is crucial for top quality.

10. Lab Compatibility Services help us to test your product on any device, browser, operating system or platform. QA mentor’s lab has 75% of the current mobile devices and we’re constantly adding more to the arsenal to help you do the job right. Mobile testing is fast paced and it can get expensive to do it by yourself.

11. QA Manager on Demand Services can place one of our experienced managers into your team, temporarily or permanently. Whether your previous manager left, or you are starting a new QA team, they can help create a QA team and process, and eventually help hire their own replacement.

12. QA Performance and Capacity Planning Services to help make sure your website can handle all of today’s traffic as well as tomorrow’s. The value of performance testing and planning was underscored with the difficult launch of the US healthcare website.

13. QA Performance Engineering and Optimization Services can make sure your site is up to par by showing you exactly where your problems are and how to fix them. Website performance is more important now than ever. All of your competition is online, and a slow, unresponsive website will not be tolerated by users.

14. QA Recruitment and Staffing Services have a 99.9% success rate with our unique screening process and access to over 5000 pre-screened candidates.

15. QA Technical Writing Services can help your team keep all current documentation up to date or create new ones for you. Documentation can be tedious and time-consuming, with every little software change forcing several documentation edits, but our services make it easy.

16. QA Training and Seminar Services are led by our own CEO. Each month Ruslan Desyatnikov tackles a new topic based on his personal success stories and lessons learned during nearly two decades working in quality assurance.

17. Regression Test Execution Factory Services help you to free up your resources for new and interesting projects by letting QA Mentor do your manual or automated regression testing for you – on your schedule.

18. Security Testing Services ease your worries regarding security breaches. Losing customers’ private information could lead to lawsuits, lost revenue, and black-marks on your reputation. The security experts on our team know all of the tricks of the trade and keep up to date with emerging ones. Do you really want to risk trouble?

19. Static Testing Services help you start testing before coding even starts. With it, you can find defects sooner in the lifecycle and lower your costs.

20. Testing Center of Excellence Establishment services take your testing to the next level. Establishing a Testing Center of Excellence can be a daunting task. Where do you start? QA Mentor can walk you through all of the necessary steps and guide you along the way.

21. Test Automation Framework Design Services was created because automation testing can’t be effective without the right framework. Why not invest in something which will guarantee a high return?

22. Test Cases Coverage Review Services can help you evaluate your current level of test coverage from beginning to end, because you know a QA effort without proper coverage is a wasted effort. Do you really want to have high defect leakage rate?

23. Test Data Management Services can help you manage that all-important part of testing. Without good data, and easy access to it, good testing isn’t possible. We can give you the tools to help you create and manage your data while still being compliant with all regulations.

24. Test Design on Demand Services will save you time, money, and headaches. You call us when you need us, and pay on that same schedule. Our team of testers will design your entire package of test cases.

25. Testing Execution on Demand Services is often used in conjunction with our Test Design services. Whenever you need a helping hand, we can step in and execute your test cases and scripts on your schedule.

QA Mentor offers 50 different types of testing to cover every inch of your application using seven proprietary methodologies to help you meet all of your QA needs. With our fine-tuned methodologies, you can complete your testing with higher quality, faster cycles, and lower costs.

52 Brook Street, London W1K 5DS, United Kingdom

Validata Group is the leader in Enterprise Software Testing solutions, helping clients build competitive advantage, maximise the speed of implementations & upgrades and improve time-to-market for new releases. By maximising the potential of their core banking applications, banks can deliver financial services with greater agility and with a more responsive model.

Validata SAS is a central suite for integrated tools, agnostic of any platform, database, UI & APIs, supporting end-to-end automated testing, legacy migration, configuration management and DevOps Analytics with built-in ALM model and reusable assets, suited to large scale integration, packaged upgrades and legacy migrations.

4633 Old Ironsides Dr., Suite 220 Santa Clara, California 95054 United States

Performance Lab is a private company established in 2008 to address a growing void in the area of independent software testing and quality assurance for enterprise customers. Since 2014 the company has been the leading provider of these services within the Eastern European QA market.
The company’s rapid growth is a result of proven success across multiple industries, such as finance, insurance, telecom, retail, e-commerce and software engineering, including companies listed on NYSE, LSE and MOEX. The company offers a full range of quality assurance services and has exceptional expertise in performance testing, test automation and mobile testing and automation on a real devices.
Company’s staff of over 500 employees is highly educated and motivated to fill customer’s needs for software quality with great technical background and experience. Performance Lab’s school of testing was founded in 2010, and has graduated 1000+ testing engineers that are currently employed by Fortune-500 companies and bringing value to the world QA practice.
Being the leader of Russian market, the Company is proudly produces the Russia Quality Report.

475 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016, United States

Testmatick Ltd. is an independent software quality assuring enterprise. Our headquarter is in New York, the USA, we also have offices in Krivoy Rog and Cherkasy, Ukraine.
We understand our client’s needs, our services help them to achieve their goals, improve their products and increase efficiency of business operations.
Testmatick test engineers and managers are professional and flexible; we adjust our services to every project and can meet tight deadlines maintaining high quality of the rendered services.
Offices in different locations and twenty-four-seven availability in case of limited time make Testmatick an effective and reliable partner.

3500 Piedmont Rd NE Suite 350 Atlanta, GA 30305 United States

QASymphony’s quality assurance and testing tools speed up software development by reducing the time is takes to test software by 40%.

With QASymphony’s solutions, businesses have the visibility and control needed to ensure application quality in fast-paced Agile environments. Companies like Adobe, Barclays, Nordstrom, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, AirWatch and Vonage trust QASymphony to improve their teams’ communication and productivity, while empowering them to make better software.

QASymphony is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

201 Jones Road, Waltham, MA 02451, United States

Telerik Test Studio is a software quality tool that helps teams be more efficient in regression testing, improving test coverage and reducing the number of bugs that slip into production. We offer automation solutions for GUI, load and performance testing for web and desktop applications. Tests can be authored in C# and VB.NET.

Telerik Test Studio is part of the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant report for Integrated Software Quality Suites. It has also won numerous awards such as ATI Automation Honors, Best of TechEd, VS Reader’s Choice and more. Hundreds of customers including Symantec, GE, Dell, Microsoft, HP and more rely on Test Studio.

Embarcadero Center 4, Suite 2550 San Francisco, CA 94111 United States

We believe that testers deserve great tooling to keep pace with continuous delivery. So we have developed Hiptest, the most simple & powerful agile test management platform in the cloud. Our platform is one of the fastest growing agile testing product in the world, with thousands of users in 60 countries.

We have a free 30-day trial so give a try and start creating your tests in seconds.

Hiptest is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Europe. For more information, please visit

4 Gershon Shatz St. Tel-Aviv, Tel-Aviv 6701740 Israel

Applitools is the company behind Applitools Eyes – automated visual testing solution for web, mobile and desktop apps, helping companies verify that GUI & functionality are properly displayed to the end user, across all devices, browsers, operating systems and form factors – so you never miss another UI bug or functionality issue post-release.

By automating previously-manual visual & functional testing – including layout, content and CSS – Applitools Eyes instantly validates that all UI elements and front-end functionality have not regressed or broke, alerting about any critical issues that are inconsistent with the desired UI, while ignoring insignificant changes that are irrelevant to the end user.

Taking great pride in developing the most advanced image-matching engine in the world, Applitools Eyes produces UI test results with superior precision and speed that cannot be matched by any other available image matching tool.
In addition to substantially increasing coverage and accuracy, enabling smoother CI-CD processes, and contributing to faster releases, Applitools Eyes also dramatically reduces maintenance efforts, due to its unique ability to automatically propagate changes across execution environments.

Applitools Eyes seamlessly integrates with any major test automation framework, such as: Selenium, Appium, HP QTP/UFT, Appium, MS CodedUI, Protractor for AngularJS and more, as well as augments any device/browser testing framework – either cloud-based or emulators – such as: Sauce Labs, Perfecto Mobile, HP Mobile Center, BrowserStack and more.

Robust and flexible, the cloud-based solution supports unlimited concurrent test runs, allowing to easily & quickly scale up as needed, making Applitools Eyes perfect for teams of all sizes.

1-click visual testing – without writing any test code – is also available! Cutting page test time by 10X, Applitools Eyes Express Visual Testing is a browser plugin that allows running UI tests directly from the browser, eliminating the chance of any UI bugs finding their way to production.
Applitools Eyes Express utilizes the same powerful image comparison engine, allowing faster testing, increased coverage and unparalleled accuracy, and was specifically developed to answer the needs of manual testers and front-end developers that require quick feedback on UI bugs and functionality issues.

Adding Applitools Visual Testing to your test suite will help you release faster and better, with confidence and flawless UI.

Open your free account now.

Automation Consultants.jpg
Merlin House, Brunel Road Reading, Berkshire RG7 4AB United Kingdom

Automation Consultants is an established IT management consultancy and software company that provides both technology management services and develops software products with a focus on automation. Their mission is to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of IT systems development, testing and deployment through automation. Committed to helping companies improve their business performance and customer services, they develop and deploy advanced computer technology and automation. Their customers include BSKyB, Invensys, HP Mercury, HSBC, Allianz, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

184/15, 2nd Floor (Willy's Nest), 5th Main, Jayanagar 4th Block, Near Maiya's Restaurant (Landmark: Jayanagar Police Station), Bengaluru 560011 India

Test Insane offers skill-based software testing services. We are also open-source contributors for tools and utilities that aids software testing activity.


  • Functional Testing
  • Usability & Accessibility Testing
  • UI / UX Testing
  • Web Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Check Automation
  • Test Framework Development
43575 Mission Blvd. Suite 613 Fremont, California 94539 United States

TimeShiftX is a time shift testing software that lets you time travel software applications into the future or past for temporal or date simulation testing of all time sensitive functionality and code such as year-end, daylight savings, leap year, billing, rates, policies, etc. TimeShiftX uses virtual clocks to enable time travel inside of Active Directory & Kerberos without code changes, manual system work, or server isolation for your forward date testing or back date testing.

TimeShiftX is multi-platform (Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, Red Hat, SUSE etc.) and supports time travel for all applications and databases such as SAP, SQL, Oracle, WebSphere, .NET, Java, PeopleSoft, DB2, and JBoss. Companies worldwide, including many of the Global 100, use TimeShiftX to save time, money, and meet testing requirements.

7707 Gateway Blvd. Ste. 100 Newark, CA 94560 United States

Zephyr is a leading provider of on-demand, real-time enterprise test management solutions, offering innovative applications, seamless integrations and unparalleled, real-time visibility into the quality and status of software projects. Zephyr products are the fastest growing agile test management products in the world, with more than 2700 global customers in 75 countries. Their feature rich products address today’s dynamic and global needs across a variety of industries including finance, healthcare, media, mobile, IT services, and enterprise software. Zephyr is headquartered in Newark, CA with offices in Europe and India. For more information, please visit

11 Oasis Business Park, Eynsham, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX29 4TP United Kingdom

About Grid-Tools

Our innovative approaches to test case design and test data management have enabled our clients to radically improve how they test and develop new applications. With offices in Oxford and New York and a global network of sales and delivery partners our personnel have implemented solutions for some of the largest financial, government and telecom institutions. Our senior consultants have over 30 years’ experience in delivering innovative and market-leading solutions for testing and QA in software development projects. This means that we know the challenges our customers face and, by understanding of the science of testing, how to solve them.

About Agile Designer

Developed by Grid-Tools, Agile Designer (TM) lets organisations design clear, unambiguous logic, user stories and test cases all in one go. Having designed the perfect set of test cases, organisations can find and make the ‘right data’ and link it directly to their requirements.

Yliopistonkatu 6 Jyväskylä, - 40100 Finland

Meliora Testlab is a browser-based enterprise grade quality management tool with requirements management, test design and execution, issue management and analysis features.

For developers better quality enables better profitability, more market penetration, more capacity to deliver and satisfied customers. On the purchasing side better quality cuts costs, mitigates risks on budget and vendor locking.

Testlab brings enterprise grade quality management to masses, is effortless to deploy, adapts to your way of working, is platform-independent browser based solution and is highly modular with capability for special customer needs.

Enov8, Level 26, 44 Market St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

Enov8 is a software engineering company focused on providing “enterprise scale” software for the Test Environment Management space.

The company has two key portfolios, these are:

1) Test Data Management Solutions

  • DataHotSpot – For Data Security Analytics i.e. Test Data Profiling & Privacy Validation

  • DataView – For Test Data Management i.e. Cloaking of bad data, Test Data Mining, Test Data Bookings & Governance

2) Test Environment Management Operations

  • EcoSystem – For Test Environment Management i.e. Visual CMDB, Planning/Coordination, Booking Management and Lean Service Management

  • Visual Orchestrate – An automation unification framework that allows you to quickly identify and better leverage the different environment automation solutions found across your life-cycle.

Our solution philosophy is “Be Agile with Discipline”.

Heinrich-Roller-Straße 16b, 10405, Berlin, Germany

TestRail is Gurock’s modern web-based test management tool to efficiently organize, manage and track your software testing efforts. TestRail integrates with your existing tools, such as issue trackers like JIRA, as well as your automated tests.

Learn more about why many of the world’s best software development and testing teams choose and switch to TestRail by trying TestRail free for 30 days. TestRail is available in multiple editions and can either be hosted by Gurock or can be installed on your own server.

4 Shoham Ramat Gan 69641 Israel

Testuff is a Saas test management tool for manual and automation software testing. It includes all you would expect from your test management solution, and then some more: bug tracker and automation tools integration, video recording for bugs, and zero maintenance with all the benefits of a hosted service. We’ve worked hard to make Testuff both easy-to-use and intuitive and at the same time a comprehensive solution, not giving up on any feature or option users need.
Being so flexible, Testuff enables you to implement any testing methodology, including Agile and Exploratory testing. Its unique features, and the two-ways integration with any bug tracker are a benefit you don’t want to miss.
We work with our customers, and users community, to continue and make Testuff test management even better.
Try it now for free.

Cidex 436 chemin des Tourres Roquefort les pins, PACA 06330 France

XQual delivers XStudio, a leading test management/ALM solution handling the complete life-cycle of your projects.

As such, it includes modules to manage releases, requirements/specifications, tests, campaigns and bugs. It allows scheduling/running fully automated or manual test campaigns and interfaces with any continuous integration framework (such as Jenkins, Bamboo or TeamCity).

It comes with an integrated bug-tracking database but can also integrate real-time with JIRA, Mantis, Bugzilla, TRAC and Clearquest. It can also interface with JIRA as a requirements provider.

In terms of metrics, XStudio provides ready-to-use tools/charts to measure testing execution progress, coverage (i.e. traceability matrix), you releases quality as well as the performances of the developers and testers.

XStudio is also uniquely integrating an exploratory session-based module allowing to generate automatically your scripted tests from your exploratory notes.

Through the provided open-source launchers, XStudio can run tests/scripts developed with any test framework on the market: QTP, Selenium, JMeter, Sahi, Ranorex, SilkTest, TestComplete, soapUI, webui, TestPartner, AutoIt, Squish, SQL, Perl, TCL, VisualStudio, Beanshell, JUnit, Java, Nunit,, pyUnit, Python, TestNG, Marathon or simple bat/shell/executable. More than 50 launchers are available. In addition, the SDK allows developing specific launchers to interface even with proprietary tests or exotic test frameworks.

Installing XAgent (a program running in background) on several hosts will allow you to deploy and run test campaigns on these hosts remotely.

XStudio relies either on MySql, SQL Server, Oracle or MariaDb database servers, it can be executed from ANY browser and if you prefer you can install one of the fat clients for Windows, Linux or MacOS.

433 E Las Colinas Blvd, Suite 1300, Irving, TX 75039

Cigniti Technologies is the World’s 3rd largest Independent Software Testing Services Company, headquartered in Dallas, TX. Cigniti’s test offerings include TCoE, Enterprise Mobility Testing, Testing on Cloud, Big Data Testing, Functional, Automation, Security and Performance Testing services. Over the last 15 years, Cigniti has helped Enterprises and ISVs across verticals build quality software while improving time to market and reducing cost of quality. Cigniti has translated its R&D into Cigniti SMART Tools that accelerate testing and help improve the quality of services delivered to clients.

Recognized as a leader in IP led testing services by industry analysts like Nelson Hall and Gartner, Cigniti is also the world’s first Independent Software Testing Services Company rated at CMMI SVC1.3 maturity level 3 and is an ISO 27001:2005 certified organization. With a team of over 800 people, Cigniti operates out of 1,00,000 sqft of office space spread across Hyderabad, Dallas and Toronto. Cigniti has India’s first of its kind Robotics Test Labs, HP co-branded mobile test lab and a world class performance test lab. Cigniti has strategic alliances with the leading product, tool and technology vendors. Cigniti’s CSR initiative Project Cignificance aims to impact 1 million+ lives through education as an enabler.

901 N Pitt str, Suite 325 Alexandria, VA 22314 United States

In contrast to “800-pound gorilla” load testing tools, WAPT is designed to minimize the learning curve and give the user an ability to create a heavy load from a single regular workstation. You can create a basic test scenario and get meaningful information about your performance landscape in a matter of minutes. WAPT is able to generate up to 3000 simultaneously acting virtual users for an “average” test scenario using standard hardware configuration (Pentium 4 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Gigabit Ethernet). WAPT creates a test workload which is virtually the same as the load experienced by a web site in the real world. Virtual users in each profile are fully customizable. They can have individual IP address (IP spoofing), user name and password, and persistent cookies, to name a few. Basic and Integrated Windows (NTLM) authentication methods are supported. Graphs and reports are shown in real-time at different levels of detail, thus helping to manage the testing process. You don’t need to wait for the completion of the test to get results, so if you have already identified a problem, you can stop the test, fix the problem and start the test again to check for performance changes. The command line interface allows you to integrate WAPT into the existing development environment. Standard XML files are used to store test scenarios and can be modified by third party software.

5 Oppenheimer Street, Rehovot, Israel, ZIP 7670105

PractiTest is an Innovative Test Management Tool and a leader in the field of Application Life Management (ALM).
PractiTest’s test management solution ensures visibility and communication at all levels, enabling project development teams to streamline and manage their testing processes while providing management with a clear and simple view of their project status at all times.

An ideal Test Management Tool for Agile Testing, It is easy and intuitive to use, while affordable and flexible, providing its customers with the best in class system to meet their Testing and QA needs. Even if you are already using a bug or issue tracking system, PractiTest can fully integrate with existing systems such as JIRA, Bugzilla, Redmine and more. PractiTest continues to develop its software all the while keeping up with trends in the world of testing and from feedback received via its users.

Strassganger Strasse 289 Graz (City) / Styria (Region) 8053, Austria

Ranorex is a GUI test automation framework for testing a wide range of desktop, web-based and mobile application types including Web 2.0, Silverlight, WPF, Qt, Flash/Flex, .NET and Java.

Ranorex is a software development company for innovative software test automation solutions and is dedicated to fundamentally improving the quality of software applications.

Ranorex products are both cost-effective and based on standard programming techniques and languages, making them ideal for teams of all sizes.

Out-of-the-box robust test automation, script-free testing for non-programmers and click & go test reports are some of the many features of Ranorex.

Learn more about the finalist in “Jolt Awards 2013 – The Best Testing Tools”, download your 30-day free trial!


Enterprise Tester | Award-winning test management platform offering great features, support, and pricing. Enterprise Tester provides a flexible test management and execution feature set, full coverage from requirements to defects, dashboards and reporting, TQL, and a REST API. It integrates with JIRA, TFS, Enterprise Architect, Selenium and more. Plus, if you are a Not-for-Profit or running an Open Source project you can ask for a FREE community license.

Get started for $10 or try Enterprise Tester FREE for 30-days.

Unit 2 Lidstone Court Uxbridge Road, George Green SL3 6AG United Kingdom

Gemini brings versatile test management, bug and issue tracking to your team. Sign up to our cloud-based offering or install locally. Join the new generation in software project management with Gemini – instant team trial without credit card.

Mason, OH, United States

Seapine Software offers a full range of quality assurance tools as part of a comprehensive application lifecycle management solution. Our QA products include TestTrack TCM for test case management, TestTrack Pro for defect tracking, Defect Scribe for documenting exploratory testing, and QA Wizard Pro for automated functional, stress, and load testing.

To learn more and download free trials, visit

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