The Test Pyramid is a staple in Test Automation theory, and is used by many teams as a cornerstone of their test automation strategy. But is it still the best model for modern development practices? Are there better and more efficient ways of thinking about test automation today?

Test automation is nowadays essential in any project, but inefficient test automation is increasingly becoming a major cause of waste and, ironically, delay. Test suites need to be lean, slick and efficient, with just enough tests (and the right kind of tests!) at each level to provide confidence, but not so many as to slow down the test suite or increase maintenance costs. And automation requirements vary wildly from one kind of project to another. The way we think about test automation strategy clearly needs a rehaul.

Drawn from approaches such as Lean, Behaviour Driven Development, and Outside-in Development, this talk presents a different way of looking at test automation, one that will help you focus your test automation efforts where they will add real value.

You will never look at a pyramid in the same way again!

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