Ask Me Anything - The Future of Test Automation
Alan Page

Ask Me Anything - The Future of Test Automation


We were joined by Alan Page who answered the following questions and provided lots of insight into his future vision of Test Automation.

  • What do you say to testers and quality folk that really do not want to learn automation (snarky and non-snarky answers please!)
  • In the future, will a small group of Modern Testers coach developers who do all the automation?
  • What books/resources would you recommend for a new Lean advocate?
  • What are the TOP THREE skills a QA needs to future-proof their careers?
  • What do you see as the drawbacks to developers owning testing, and what are some strategies to minimise those drawbacks?
  • How do you achieve balanced automation coverage across the stack when it involves coordination among Backend, Frontend, SDETs, etc? Who keeps the big picture in mind?
  • I thought that record & playback tools are more useful for testers unfamiliar with writing code. Please expand on why developers might choose to use these tools?
  • Where can you see exploratory testing in Modern Testing? Who should do that?
  • Why is test automation so desirable for companies looking for new QA staff?
  • What would be your advice when introducing a modern testing approach to dev/QA organisations?
  • Do you think the future is leaning towards coded automated tests or using UI-heavy automated testing tools that are easy to pick up for non-coders?
  • How do we make sure the future of test automation goes beyond correctness and addresses a broad range of quality aspects?