Breaking Boundaries Using Charles - Suman Bala
Suman Bala

Breaking Boundaries Using Charles - Suman Bala


Quite often we struggle to test all scenarios due to the limitation of test data especially when apps rely on 3rdparty services and testing at different territories is required. Depending on the testability of your product, it can be hard to check all corner cases if the production back-end must be used and cannot be tricked. With a proxy, you can change what will be displayed.

Charles Proxy is known as Man-In-The-Middle and is loaded with features. Charles not only allows us to learn more about how our app functions the way it does, but it also opens our eyes to an entirely new array of testing possibilities to explore. Charles Proxy can help to identify the cause of the bug that relates to your app making/receiving network calls/responses!


  • How to use Charles on iOS and Android devices.
  • Observing and modifying HTTP Requests and Responses
  • How to add a breakpoint and when not to use breakpoints
  • Rewriting using map local and remote
  • Network throttling
  • Charles for iOS; enabling you to capture traffic directly on iOS device.