We as humans are incredibly crafty and resourceful. From the dawn of time, survival has depended on our ability to navigate the world through schemas and shortcuts in an effort to prolong our ability to exist. Over time we built up skills and habits in an effort to protect and preserve ourselves from the harsh elements. This evolutionary adaptation is nothing less than an amazing accomplishment, a true nod to Darwin who gave light to this survival tactic!

And it was! But now we are in year 2019. Conditions are a tad bit different than they were back in the day, and adaptation has changed these skills and survival mechanisms into biases. How do we build stronger communities in a time where borders are only meant to retain legalities, and our lives are increasingly benefitted by the mix and match of the diversity around us?

In this talk, I will address diversity by decoding bias, analyzing our current pitfalls in trying to retain a diverse culture, and provide some simple heuristics to help navigate the space that is Diversity and Inclusion.