Community Thoughts: A Software Tester’s Key Skill

By Melissa Eaden

Ministry of Testing’s forum, The Club, has been a wonderful place for gathering opinions and information from the software testing community. It’s also a great place for offering and receiving support from our wide audience of software testers. This particular visual of software testers’ key skills is directly from a post on The Club where the user sjwatsonuk aka Steve asked:

I’m doing some research for my upcoming talk at the National Software Test Conference in May and I’m capturing people’s thoughts on testing skills.

Basically, I’m trying to find out from as many people as possible what one word sums up a key skill that a tester needs. All responses are very welcome.

There were a lot of great responses and a great deal of interesting words that I wouldn’t normally associate with testing, but yet, they were recommended.

An example of this is; pachydermatous meaning, thick-skinned. Another great word is ferreting which means looking around for something. I think there are a lot of great words in this visual. Add your own thoughts to The Club post. Download this visual and print it out, or make it a screen background and let it inspire you!

If you’d like to connect with Steve and see the latest on his work, you can find him on LinkedIn and check out his blog.

Author Bio

Melissa Eaden has worked for more than a decade with tech companies and currently enjoys working for ThoughtWorks, in Dallas, Texas. Melissa’s previous career in mass media continues to lend itself to her current career endeavors. She enjoys being EditorBoss for Ministry of Testing, supporting their community mission for software testers globally. She can be found on Twitter and Slack @melthetester.