Finding bugs before writing code – Sigge Birgisson

Finding bugs before writing code – Sigge Birgisson


“Testers need to be involved earlier!” is a mantra that keeps coming up over and over when talking about testers on the agile team. But what is their contribution when they get the chance? At Atlassian QA stands for Quality Assistance, which means we assist development teams deliver quality software at speed.

This presentation is about how I as a QA engineer work with product managers, designers, developers and support to avoid creating bugs so that focus can be on creating great software fast instead of fixing bugs. Activities include feature risk workshops, quality-design sparring sessions and story level kickoffs. I am going to talk about timing and opportunities with the different interactions and how we through these avoid rework and create quality software from the start.

About Sigge

Sigge Birgisson is a Quality Assistance Engineer at Atlassian, working on the Bamboo team. Bamboo is a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment tool. As a QA he helps the team deliver at a fast pace without compromising quality.

Sigge has been involved in many different types of projects, but mostly within the agile setting with close cooperation with developers as a key to success. The products include web, mobile, retail POS and enterprise middleware.

As a speaker Sigge has held several presentations at conferences, including CAST 2012 and Agile 2012, as well as being a regular guest speaker for students at Lund University. Trying to keep up with new testing practices, Sigge is an active blogger and follows many discussions on software testing and Agile practices on twitter.

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