How Do You Find Your Dream Role?

Simon Tomes

Hi there,

It’s amazing to see so much information shared and conversations started during 30 Days of Tools in October. Not to mention the total learn-fest and chat at last week's Test.bash();. It's yet another reminder of how brilliant this community is and the opportunity to continue to keep the conversation going. Thank you. 🙏 

- Simon, CommunityBoss

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What's New With Ministry of Testing?

Check out all the Club posts for the recent Test.bash(); talks. Revisit answers to the questions that weren't answered on the day and keep the conversation going with each speaker. Maybe you could ask another question? 😉

📝 Why use software tools for exploratory testing and how can they help you? Mirza provides insight into using the right tools to make your exploratory testing sessions more productive and easier to execute. Read the excellent article.

Join Saskia Coplans as our host Vernon Richards asks her all your questions around the topic of Security. You could ask Saskia questions on why is one thing more of a threat than another and how can we risk rate this? Register for free today and ask a question in advance. 🔐

👉 Take a trip down memory lane. What was your first test automation tool?
👉 Share the least helpful piece of advice you have received as a tester - why was it unhelpful?
👉 Aside from testing, what else do you do as part of your job?

What’s your win for the month of October? Let’s celebrate your wins in whatever shape and size they come in. We celebrate together and lift each other up. 💪

30 Days of Tools might be officially over, yet that doesn't stop you from taking on any of the daily challenges. Have a read of all 31 days and see what inspires you. I have a hunch you'll discover something new. 😃 

What misconceptions are there around your tool? What is your roadmap and how do you decide what to prioritize? Find out what many tool vendors had to say about the questions you asked. Read the Tool Vendors Answer Your Questions series. 🧰

🎧 In an island first, we welcome a recruiter into our midst, as Gabbi Trotter swims ashore to discuss some of the challenges with hiring software testers. What can candidates do to better position themselves for their dream roles, and what can companies do to attract the right talent? Listen today.

Melissa Eaden takes a dive into The Modern Testing Principles and what they mean for the day-to-day work of testers. She describes how they can be applied as teams switch gears to incorporate all the things possible with continuous integration and delivery pipeline. 📺

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Discover Useful Business Posts

🔎 Observational learning is everywhere in the workplace. Read how taking advantage of it can help you evolve as a tester and build a great testing culture.

Every tool has good and bad qualities associated with it. Finding one that works for your team to manage your test cases is usually worth the effort of not going with the most well-known on the market. 

Learn how to get started with Appium.  Dig into what Appium is, the essentials of the Appium architecture and how you can use Appium to solve your mobile test automation issues.

Native mobile apps, web mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps and progressive web apps each have distinct advantages and disadvantages. How to choose the right type of app for your business?  What should you test for?  🤔 

🎃 In the world of software testing, fears and frights aren’t confined to one night each year.  Bugs appear out of nowhere and can't be replicated, or deadly defects threaten to consume valiant efforts of software testers. What truly terrifies software testers?

Learn how you can adopt a "native quality management" approach to testing and development that prioritizes quality every step of the way.


Get Closer to the Community

Find out why Lee prefers API Testing more than Automation Testing. Full of top tips on how to get the most out of your next API exploration. 🌳🛣

I like how easy it is to get started with Jenn's accessibility cheat sheet. Start with those five things and you'll have the opportunity to fix many accessibility issues.

Kudos to Keith Klain who shares compelling reasons why testers live in the real world and how they continue to add value. And such folks might better spend their time ignoring the clickbait. 

Knowing who you're having a conversation with will help you provide stakeholders with better information for their context. Elizabeth Zagroba provides a handy way to map out your stakeholders to support your test reporting efforts. 🔍📝

Simon Tomes


Simon is a CommunityBoss at Ministry of Testing and his pronouns are he/him. Currently learning to be a better community enabler, he has a passion for all things testing with a career in various testing roles since 2003. He particularly enjoys promoting and sharing the value of exploratory testing.