Is Gatekeeping Hurting Your Team?

Simon Tomes

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Delivering difficult news is something we do in the world of testing. And sometimes it can feel rubbish. At the end of last week, we announced the cancellation of TestBash Brighton. Yet good news prevails as we share a taster of positive things to come in 2022 - TestBash UK and TestBash World! Read the announcement or listen to Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham to find out more. 🗺

- Simon, CommunityBoss

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What's New With Ministry of Testing?

Missed some of Test.bash();? You can now watch all the videos from the amazing day, plus a couple more bonus talks too! Inspire yourself and learn from so much tool awareness. 🧰

Talking of tools, you can now run a search on the ever-growing MoT Tools Directory. And tool vendors, request to add a demo video of your tool. Just email

NEW Article: Three Ways To Measure Unit Testing Effectiveness by Eduardo Fischer. In this post, Eduardo discusses three different ways of measuring whether the test suites are truly useful. The three ways are field-tested by big companies and have proven themselves reliable.

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Watch our recent session with Saskia Coplans in our recent Ask Me Anything. Saskia answered your questions about Security and find out about a big security testing horror story! 🙈   

30 Days of Tools might officially be over yet there's still space to join in whenever you like. Head on over to the Club to find out more. Even if you pick up only one challenge it could help you and your team. And for those of you who already got involved, would you mind sharing your feedback via this simple form?   

NEW Meetup Recording: MoT Sarajevo's first-ever meetup is now available to watch. Hear from Maaret Pyhäjärvi, Larry Goddard, and Conor Fitzgerald as they share their thoughts and advice on exploratory testing, automation frameworks, and the role of the tester.

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10 Things testers wish CIOs & CTOs knew about testing.  Can you relate? 

🐞 In software development, the sooner you find problems, the cheaper and easier it is to fix them. Any opportunity your team takes to shift left is a chance to identify deficiencies sooner.


Get Closer to the Community

Isaac Lyman shares many compelling reasons why code quality is everyone’s concern. It includes plenty of practical advice on how organisations can increase code quality.   

Is gatekeeping hurting your team? In this excellent article, Meg urges us to be aware of the tester as a gatekeeper.

Find out from Callum why ad-hoc testing is not exploratory testing. And discover a handy comparison chart too!

A11y with Ady's latest update features advice on when a button is not a button and amplifies a handy checklist version of the all-important Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Have you heard of The Quality Trilogy? Find out from Mike how it helps your team have discussions around quality.

Simon Tomes


Simon is a CommunityBoss at Ministry of Testing and his pronouns are he/him. Currently learning to be a better community enabler, he has a passion for all things testing with a career in various testing roles since 2003. He particularly enjoys promoting and sharing the value of exploratory testing.