Keysight Answers Your Questions

Adam Creamer

How does your tool improve my life as someone in QA?

Eggplant allows you to automate the true end-to-end user experience, even if this requires testing across multiple interfaces and technologies. You always know your tests represent what real users will be doing with your app. 


What misconceptions are there around your tool?

Sometimes we are bracketed as Visual Testing, along with tools that check alignment and layout. In fact our automation is driven in a visual way, so not only can we do these checks, but it also makes us completely agnostic about which type of system is being tested, which technology or language has been used to create the app or what browser is deployed. 

What tool feature are you most proud of?

Our DAI engine uses machine learning to automate exploratory testing, which makes our offering uniquely scalable, and not constrained by how many test cases have been authored.


What is your roadmap and how do you decide what to prioritize?

We maintain 6 month, 12 month and 24 month roadmaps. We continually reassess priority, looking at direct customer requests, new directions and use cases for our customers and how these fit with our product strategy.  


How do you involve your customers in your tool development process?

We regularly check in with our customers for their feedback. They are a great source for feature additions and upgrade suggestions. Our team also conducts roadmap sessions so that we can present the vision of our solution to customers.


How do you test your own tool?

Using our own tool! We use a range of technologies at the unit, component and integration level, but all end-to-end automation uses Eggplant.

How do you support your customers when releasing tool updates?

We release quarterly and always have our support team on hand if ever our customers need help. We also provide training and videos that users can follow if they need to. We have streamlined our onboarding process and extended that approach to our releases too. Our aim is to deliver a frictionless experience.


What type of support is given when purchasing your tool?

Support is something that we’re passionate about, we want our users to see value as quickly as possible and so we offer packages ranging from FastStarts - an accelerated onboarding program - to longer term options that offer resources over a period of time that can be used as and when needed.


How would you like to keep the conversation going with the Ministry of Testing community in the long term?

By becoming more engaged members of the community! We have some folks who have been a part of the community as individuals, and we would love to have more members of the team engaged and sharing ideas, best practices, and lessons learned.

Adam Creamer