My life as an Agile Test Coach - Rutger van Faassen

My life as an Agile Test Coach - Rutger van Faassen


In 2016 I started within ING Bank to help a DevOps Squad with Test and Quality.

Their questions were as follows:

  • Help us to figure out how we are testing, and if we are testing enough?
  • How do we deal with non-functional testing?
  • What about Performance and load testing?
  • Are there any limitations within our current Continuous Delivery Pipeline?
  • We are currently testing within Docker containers. Is this ok?

In this talk I will take you on my journey as an Agile test coach to help a DevOps team get more mature. This team is working in a DevOps environment and is responsible for the processing of incoming transactions. Only after this processing there will be a mutation on the clients account.

How does this team test their software? What challenges did they face? How did they balance manual and automated testing? What where the traps they walked into? You will get a better understanding of their way of testing and working. What are the pro and cons and what is featured next? Furthermore, I will tell you what did the team learn, what were my key learning’s and what tools did I use to help the team.