Painless Testing for Modern Web Applications with

Painless Testing for Modern Web Applications with

Unit testing is hard and time-consuming; and worse - the users and the customers do not care! They only want the features working in the production system, everything else is development overhead. If this is the case, how do we improve the web application quality? How do we catch the bugs early? How can we test the deployed system effectively?

This presentation showcases - an open source, MIT-licensed end-to-end test runner that radically break with existing technologies (like Selenium, WebDriver) to be able to test _modern_ web applications. The main focus of Cypress is to give every developer a tool that helps rather than hinders the development process. Thus it has such features as GUI with time travelling debugger and DOM snapshots; headless run mode on CI with video recording by default; full browser DevTools to inspect the application's behaviour; spying and stubbing of network calls; and many other advantages compared to existing solutions.

We worked hard to make Cypress the best end-to-end testing tool, and the developer community is noticing our effort. Cypress is framework-agnostic and can test anything that runs in the browser, and it has found adoption across all major web frameworks. Come to this presentation to find out how much the web app testing has changed in the last few years.

What You'll Learn

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