Part Of The Pipeline - Ash Winter
Ash Winter

Part Of The Pipeline - Ash Winter


Nobody /really/ likes change, its human nature. Testers have a special relationship with changing tools and techniques, they change and we tend to flounder a little and end up very nervous about our place in the new world. Continuous delivery is one such circumstance, I see and speak to many testers really struggling. However, with a significant shift in outlook and a chunk of personal development, testers can excel in environments such as these. It’s time to start to get out in front of a changing world, rather than always battling to catch up.

I want to share my experience of adding value as a tester in a continuous delivery environment, what new technologies and techniques I've learned, using your Production environment as an oracle, advocating testability and most crucially, not overestimating what our testing can achieve. Testing is not the only form of feedback, it’s time to let go of some the aspects of testing we cling to.

Continuous delivery adds richness and variety to our role as testers. To me, it is a facilitator for the autonomy and respect that testers have craved for a long time, so let’s get involved...


  • My learning and experience of working in a low batch size, high flow environment and the effects that it had on me as a tester.
  • Aspects of testing which hinder one's effectiveness in this environment and how to let go of them.
  • A few practical ways to add value, based on skills that I gathered along the way...