Smart Algorithms – Are We Ready For This? – Bill Matthews

Smart Algorithms – Are We Ready For This? – Bill Matthews


It’s common these days when visiting websites to be presented with helpful ideas on what books to read, films to watch, where to eat or buy next or where to go on holiday. Sometimes we marvel at (or get freaked out by) how well these sites seem to understand our needs and preferences, but have you ever thought about how you would test such a system? While such recommender systems are becoming commonplace, they represent the tip of the iceberg of the range of smart, learning and artificial intelligence based systems that are coming our way. With much of the exiting testing literature, approaches and test design techniques are geared towards testing systems that are generally static in nature, it raises the question “Are we ready to test such dynamic and adaptive systems?” In this interactive talk we will explore a wider range of smart, learning and artificial algorithms, consider the unique challenges they bring to testing these in the context of other related challenges such as Big Data and the IoT (Internet of Things) and explore ideas on how we might approach testing such systems.

About Bill

Bill Matthews has been a testing specialist for 20 years with the last 17 years as a freelance test consultant working mainly on large migration and integration projects as a Test Architect, Manager and Technical Tester. He spends much of his time focusing on helping companies deliver the more technical elements of system and operational testing such as integration, performance and security. A regular part of Bill’s work is coaching and mentoring testers in thinking tactically and strategically about testing as well as technical testing skills.

He is a regular speaker at testing conferences mainly on technical topics such as web and mobile security and teaches course on both Web and Mobile Application Security.