Step Back to Move Forwards A Software Testing Career Introspective - Del Dewar
Del Dewar

Step Back to Move Forwards A Software Testing Career Introspective - Del Dewar


It’s fair to say that careers in software testing are pretty awesome, however…..

  • What does a typical career in software testing look like?
  • Why is it when organisations recognise us for being skilled software testers, we’re promoted to a role that involves performing less or even no software testing?
  • If we want to progress in our respective careers must we be ready to relinquish the things we get the most joy from, and learn to embrace the administrative, the mundane, the repetitive, the procedural hum-drum of managerial existence?
  • Why do so many businesses assume that if you’re a great software tester, you’ll automatically make a great test manager?
  • If we don’t begin to show evidence of upwards mobility, does that damage our career prospects?
  • Can’t we enjoy a long and rewarding software testing career doing exactly what we love?
  • Why do we accept and invest in cookie cutter career paths, when we could forge our own?


I’ll be leveraging from two decades of my own experience while considering the case for traditional career advancement and in particular, how that could not only be damaging for you but also for your organisation, both from a reputational and financial aspect.

Perhaps a new career paradigm is required in order for us to embark on a truly rewarding software testing career, and as the title suggests, perhaps that involves taking a step backwards to move forwards.

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