TestChat 2: Discussing Automation in Testing

On the 13th September 2017, testers joined the second Ministry of Testing #TestChat to discuss the many ways automation can be used in Testing. Our special guest was Richard Bradshaw, the FriendlyBoss at Ministry of Testing and all round nice chap.

We had four questions during the live chat:

  1. How do you decide which tests to automate?
  2. What are your biggest struggles in automation?
  3. How else are you utilising automation in your testing other than automated tests
  4. Clearly, there are lots of uses for automation. What value does your team get from automation?

There was a feeling of consensus on the usages for automation, especially that most attendees see it as far more than automated tests. Lots of examples where shared on other usages, Bill Matthews listed some great usages. 

The biggest struggles people reported where test data, maintenance and testability, Tracey Baster and David Lowe both sharing this concern. Those were in terms of the product, however, a surprising response was the struggle to find good automators. Again it was Bill Matthews sharing this and getting some upvotes, "Bill Matthews Finding people who are good at automation". 

Lot's more was discussed during the chat, I encourage you to read the full transcript and continue to add your own responses. Also, keep an eye on our events page for future #TestChats.