Testers' Island Discs Ep43 - Deborah Reid


A happy new year to all! Deborah Reid finds herself as the first guest to be marooned on the island in 2021, to talk to us about getting started with accessibility testing, in support of her upcoming accessibility course which will be released on the Ministry of Testing Dojo in April.

We discuss a wide range of different accessibility needs, which can sometimes include temporary limitations that we don’t think of as accessibility problems. There are tips on simulating accessibility within your usability testing, some shout-outs for tools, advice on getting issues fixed, and we look at the growing legal imperative which will make such problems difficult to ignore in the future.

We also open with some chatter about our comparative experiences in working with online retail/services during the weirdest of weird years, including the challenges of predicting traffic spikes, and how we’ve all had to iterate our performance/scalability to keep up.

On the music front, there are some upbeat selections, some wedding favourites, some long-overdue classics, and some delightfully childish singalongs.

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